We have decided to create the opprotunity for you to get free service!

Refer 4 friends once they sign up open a ticket with their information ( first/lastname and email) and we will credit your account. If they stay a member every month you get your month of service free! ( Not valid on Trial Accounts/services)

TO take advantage of this please Open a ticket with the 4 members you referred. We will verify and confirm. 

Each month you will need to reply to the ticket for us to confirm they are still active members to get the credit. ( our affiliate links are not working as they should so we figured it would be an easier way!).

4 Friends that sign up for service = 1 month free service for you.

If you get more than 4 friends to sign up we will add the equivilant amount to your credit balance. 

We are also still doing a 10% bonus on any funds added to your account ( funds are used to renew your service automatically). Login to your account at the top left choose Add Funds. 

If your invoice is already due - you can add funds but you will need to then go into the due invoice and 
choose Apply Credit on the invoice to mark the due invoice as paid. 

Currently we are unable to charge your credit card / payment of method automatically, you will need to sign in each month to make the payment.

Current Promo's these are good for the Account Time ( indefinately )

6 Months 1 Stream = $50
6 Months 5 Streams = $120 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

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