Android - STB Emulator

Please download STB Emu Apk from .  Before following the intructions below:

1.    Press the 3 line button on your control or menu button. 
2.    Goto Settings.
3.    Now goto Profiles.
4.    You'll maybe see a profile already created if so click on it.
5.    Rename the Profile Name to KTV.
6.    Goto Portal Settings and then Portal URL, and enter:
7.    Click on OK
8.    Press the back button and goto STB Configuration Set STB Model to MAG250 or MAG 254
9.    Take note of the MAC-Address:  00:1A:79.....    It will be in CAP's
10.  Keep pressing the back button until you exit out of all menus.
11.  When ordering please enter the MAC from step 9 into the order box which asks for it  or provide it to us via Ticket
12.  When activated, press the menu button again goto Profile and click on KTV
13.  You should now enter the portal, if not please recheck the steps above and try again.

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